June 7, 2013: Get Stuffed wins 4 Leo Awards!

New series Get Stuffed turned four nominations in the Information or Lifestyle Series category into Leo Awards. Best Direction went to Catharine Parke (ep. 9, Summer Redneck Games) and Best Cinematography went to Zach Williams (ep. 9, Summer Redneck Games). Kalyn Miles earned her wings winning the Best Host award (ep. 9, Summer Redneck Games), and Get Stuffed took the award for Best Information & Lifestyle Series overall. Congratulations to the team!

May 13, 2013: National Geographic Channels International takes “Get Stuffed”

Picture Box Distribution has sold extreme competition series Get Stuffed to National Geographic Channels International for its Nat Geo Adventure channels in Australia, New Zealand and pan-Asia. Read more…

May 12, 2013: Leo Award Nominations

Three Worldwide Bag Media series have been nominated in multiple categories this year. Nominations include:

Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag

Best Information or Lifestyle Series: Heather Hawthorn-Doyle, Anna Wallner, Kristina Matisic, Sheona Macdonald – producers

Best Direction in an Information or Lifestyle Series: Erin Redden, Stephanie Roslowski (Episode 66: “100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know”)

Best Cinematography in an Information or Lifestyle Series: Mark Edwards (Episode 69: “Mourad: The New Moroccan”)

Best Host(s) in an Information or Lifestyle Series: Anna Wallner, Kristina Matisic (Episode 66: “100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know”)


Best Direction in an Information or Lifestyle Series: Nicholas Treeshin, Stephani Roslowski (Episode 5: “Tag, you’re it!“)

Get Stuffed

Best Host in an Information or Lifestyle Series: Kalyn Miles (Episode 9: “Redneck Games“)

Best Cinematography in an Informatino or Lifestyle Series: Zachary Williams (Episode 9: “Redneck Games“)


March 6, 2013: #30PeopleYouShouldKnow

Marc Smith

“Heather Hawthorn-Doyle: Award-winning producer and Director, but “Mom” is her best reward…”

Dec. 20, 2012: A year of entrepreneurism from art to yachts

Vancouver Sun

These shining examples of Vancouver character and enterprise graced this column in 2012.

…Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic launched the Shopping Bags TV series in 2000, founded Worldwide Bag Media in 2008, and developed shows that have them travel the world and, in Wallner’s case, cuss on camera. “It’s getting worse,” she said at Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag’s fourth-season launch. “I can’t stop it.”

Nov. 28, 2012: Oprah effect game changer for Vancouver filmmakers

Vancouver Sun

“…Vancouver television hosts Kristina Matisic and Anna Wallner saw their stars rise after their show Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag was picked up by OWN, now running in 55 countries worldwide.

“Being on OWN was definitely a big boost and a big feather in our cap,” Matisic said.

“We were the first Canadian show to be picked up on the network. We got a lot of publicity about that. Everyone wanted to know whether we’d met Oprah. No, we still have not,” she said…”

July 29, 2012: Besties in business and in life

The Vancouver Province: Dana Gee

American industrialist John D. Rockefeller once said “a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.”

Despite such warnings, best friends and journalism colleagues Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic 13 years ago decided to team up and start up what is now the flourishing Worldwide Bag Media Inc.

Read more…

Get Stuffed Premieres July 3, 2012 on OLN

GET STUFFED immerses us in the fascinating world of bizarre international competitions. Four trash-talking rivals push their mental and physical limits to best each other in feats of strength, endurance, and weird-ass sh*t. Winning is everything and losing means surviving a gut-busting epic meal of gastronomical proportions.

Watch Get Stuffed on OLN Tuesdays starting July 3, 2012, at 9pm ET/PT!

Read the official press release.

Follow Get Stuffed on Facebook, Twitter @GetStuffedTV, and YouTube.

April 4, 2012: Laurie & Cory of The Peak 100.5 FM interview Isla Traquair

Isla talks about kegels and shreddies, and no, it’s not a breakfast cereal. Listen online.

April 3, 2012: Dr. Hepburn’s Spoonful of funny

Michael D. Reid, Victoria Times Colonist

When Dr. Dave Hepburn appears on Buy.o.logic, the consumer health-care series premièring tonight on Oprah Winfrey Network, he’ll deliver his own version of what the network’s famous namesake calls an “aha moment.” Read more

April 2, 2012: Buy.o.logic Hosts on Vancouver’s Urban Rush

Hosts Isla Traquair & Dr. Dave Hepburn interviewed by Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.

April 2, 2012: New Health Consumer Show Launches

Dana Gee, The Vancouver Province

While helping to care for a terminally ill friend, Isla Traquair, the host of the new OWN show Buy.o.logic, had her eyes opened and her creative juices jolted. Read more

Press Release:  Anna & Kristina Bring New Original Series, Buy.o.logic, to OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada)

Premiering Tuesday, April 3 at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT. Acclaimed investigative reporter Isla Traquair hosts

TORONTO, March 19, 2012 /CNW/ – This April, Corus Entertainment’s OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) presents the premiere of the new original series, Buy.o.logic. No medical ailment is off limits, no healthcare product is safe from scrutiny and no test is too outrageous to tackle. Produced by Worldwide Bag Media Inc. in association with OWN (Canada), Buy.o.logic premieres Tuesday, April 3 at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT and will do whatever it takes to help viewers make smart buys for their bodies. Read more…

March 5, 2012: Vancouver’s Emerging Reality TV Empire

BCBusiness Magazine

…(article page 2:) A relative newcomer to the Vancouver TV production industry, Worldwide Bag Media Inc. was founded in 2008 by Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic, who rose to fame as stars of the TV series The Shopping Bags…

…”Real people are fascinating to us right now,” says Heather Hawthorn-Doyle, Executive Producer and Head of Development. “And it’s all about worlds you don’t know, or people that are doing things in worlds you don’t know.” Read more…

Feb. 13, 2012: Get Stuffed begins shooting!

First stop, La Pas, Manitoba for the 2012 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival. Next stop, the world! Get Stuffed starts airing on OLN this summer. Read more about Get Stuffed.

For updates, follow Get Stuffed on:
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January 2012: Buy.o.logic team is actively recruiting candidates & testers

See the latest on-camera opportunities on our “Be on TV!” page.

For Buy.o.logic casting call alerts, follow Buy.o.logic:
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Dec. 6, 2011: Vancouver’s Buyologic will be on Oprah Winfrey Network!

Buy.o.logic host Isla Traquair is interviewed by Crystal Kwon of Vancity Buzz.

Nov. 29, 2011: Buy.o.logic on Urban Rush

Buy.o.logic host Isla Traquair is interviewed by Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford of Vancouver’s Urban Rush

Nov. 21, 2011: Buy.o.logic on Homorazzi

Buy.o.logic host Isla Traquair is interviewed by Patrick Levesque for

November 16, 2011: Buy.o.logic on 100.5 The Peak

100.5 The PEAK – Isla Traquair and Heather Hawthorn-Doyle talk with James Sutton about new series Buy.o.logic on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada).

2011 Gemini Award Nominees in three categories (Announced Aug. 03, 2011)

1. Best Lifestyle/Practical Information Series: Anna and Kristina’s Grocery BagAnna Wallner, Kristina Matisic, Heather Hawthorn-Doyle (Worldwide Bag Media Inc.)

2. Best Host(s) in a Lifestyle/Practical Information Program or Series: Kristina Matisic, Anna Wallner
Series: Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag
Episode: Marguerite Patten’s Best British Dishes

3. Best Direction in a Lifestyle/Practical Information Program or Series: Jordan Kawchuk, Erin Redden
Series: Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag
Episode: Marguerite Patten’s Best British Dishes

February 27, 2011: ‘Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag’ earns a berth on Oprah’s Network

The Globe & Mail (Marsha Lederman)

February 11, 2011: Oprah’s OWN bags Vancouver TV Twosome Anna & Kristina

Vancouver Sun/National Post (Mia Stainsby)

Dec. 30, 2010: Cooking show hosts make big move all their OWN

The Toronto Star (Ashante Infantry)

For more series-related news, visit

Press Releases:

November 18: 2011 – Vancouver, BC: Worldwide Bag Media Inc. and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) Begin Production on Buy.o.logic

A new television series from the producers of the highly successful series, The Shopping Bags, Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag, and Anna & Kristina’s Beauty Call is going into production and is scheduled to debut this spring on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada).

Hosted by acclaimed journalist Isla Traquair, Buy.o.logic will provide insights on how to live a better life by delivering up-to-date medical information in an engaging and entertaining way. With the help of medical professionals, products will be tested and evaluated based on health, price and performance. More… (PDF)

August 15, 2011 – Vancouver, BC: YOU SHOULD BE ON TV. HERE’S YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

Do you have what it takes to compete in a new adventure documentary series? Worldwide Bag Media, the Vancouver-based production company behind the hit series The Shopping Bags, Anna & Kristina’s Beauty Call, and Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag in conjunction with the team that brought you Word Travels – seen in 100 countries on Travel
Channel and NatGeo, are now seeking two people with larger than life personalities. More… (PDF)


Worldwide Bag Media is pleased to announce Heather Hawthorn-Doyle as the new Head of Development and Executive Producer for WBM Inc., the Vancouver-based, multi-media production company behind The Shopping Bags, Anna & Kristina’s Beauty Call, Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag, and the overall A&K brand. More… (PDF)

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